Movable Type API

Since v2.5, Nucleus supports the methods from the Movable Type API.

The list of available methods is listed below:

  • mt.supportedMethods
  • mt.supportedTextFilters
  • mt.publishPost
  • mt.getCategoryList
  • mt.getPostCategories
  • mt.setPostCategories
  • mt.getRecentPostTitles
  • mt.getTrackbackPings

Some notes:

  • Nucleus only supports one category for each item. This means that all categories except the 'primary' category for an item will be ignored.
  • Trackback is not implemented in the Nucleus core (it's avalailable as a plugin instead). Because of this, mt.getTrackbackPings will return an empty array by default.
  • Nucleus doesn't have text filters, so mt.getSupportedTextFilters returns an empty array.
XML-RPC Interface